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Operating rules of the area

The Sports Center Koráb is a public sports venue operated on a private property by a corporation SC KORÁB, s.r.o., which in order to maintain the quality and cleanness level specifies these rules. Every visitor is obliged to follow them. Thanks to our visitors and customers for understanding.

General rules

  • Opening hours of the area:

Reception: 8.00h – 22.00h

Restaurant: 11.00h – 22.00h

  • Opening hours of the facilities including changing rooms is from 7.45h to 22.30h. SC KORÁB, s.r.o. defines the lockers as the place for all clothes, sports equipment and baggage (everything excluding valuables). Benches or other places meant for sitting in the changing rooms and in whole area are not to be used for storage purposes, not even during changing of clothes or personal hygiene of the area visitors. SC KORÁB, s.r.o. is only responsible for valuables of the value that is specified by the law.
  • Parking is allowed only on the places reserved for our customers. The parking spots are clearly marked. Opening hours of the parking are from 7.45h to 22.30h. Parking persons are obliged to respect instructions of the security service or another authorized person. The parking is not guarded, the vehicles are not guarded against loss or damage. Company SC KORÁB, s.r.o. is permitted to permanently or during a certain time interval charge for parking of vehicles for the persons that do not use our services (sportsgrounds, restaurant, accommodation). In that case, customers of SC Koráb are required to provide any evidence of usage of any of our services. The movement in our area is allowed only by marked communications.
  • Sports center employee is allowed to deny serving a person that is drunk, under the influence of other addictive substances or harassing other customers.
  • When visiting the area with a dog, the visitor is obliged to:
    • have his dog on a leash and with a muzzle all the times
    • secure his dog by any other equipment that ensures other visitors’ safety
    • have his dog in sight so that he can respond immediately in case of dangerous situation
    • clean up dog’s excrements
    • in case of a violation of these rules, the visitor will be banned from entering the area and the clean-up and all sanitary measures will be charged to the dog’s owner
    • respect the entry ban to the sportsgrounds, playground, buildings’ interiors, excluding the restaurant
  • It is prohibited to especially:
    • throw away waste in the area
    • pollute the interior and exterior
    • consume own food and drinks
    • damage, carry away or move the area’s equipment
    • smoke in the public area, excluding places marked as smoking
    • light a fire
  • In case of rules violation:
    • visitor will be ejected from the area
    • visitor will be banned from re-entering the area
    • visitor’s identity will be obtained in cooperation with competent authorities
    • wrongly parked vehicle will be removed at owner’s expense
    • recovery of caused damage will be enforced

The visitor is always obliged to obey any instruction of a sports center employee.

The visitor is obliged to check the Sportsgrounds’ operating rules before starting a sport activity. The Sportsgrounds’ operating rules are available to read at the reception.