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Sportsground visitor

Sportsground visitor:

  • sports at his own risk
    We do not recommend pregnant women and diseased to sport. In case of health problems, we recommend you ask your doctor.
  • enters the sportsground:
    after paying the fee
    with the start of his paid period, not before
    in shoes that are suitable for the sportsground or the surface
    with equipment intended for given sport
    in a number of players intended for given sport, other visitors are only permitted to enter the marked or public areas
    in sports clothing, with respect to the other sportsmen
    is obliged to report any damage or obstacle that prevents proper usage of the sportsground immediately to the area’s reception (hereinafter “damage”). This reporting obligation only applies to damage discovered before or during the usage of the sportsground by the visitor. The visitor is not allowed to start or continue using the sportsground until the situation is resolved, e.g. by change to the sportsground, provide of another sportsground or compensation. If the visitor would not comply with the obligation and will continue using the sportsground despite the damage, the area operator is not liable for any damage.
  • uses the sportsground:
    only for given sport
    only for paid time, after the time ends, he immediately leaves the ground
    with respectful behavior so that he doesn’t affect other sportsmen by being loud or any other matter
  • leaves the sportsground:
    after cleaning the ground in case that the cleaning is part of its use. He does so and leaves the sportsground. The cleaning has to be done in his time period, not after it when another customer should be using the ground. The visitor cleans the ground with the help of the guide that is visibly placed there.
  • is prohibited to:
    enter the ground drunk or with any other addictive substance
    throw away trash
    change or damage any equipment
    use the ground for any other purpose than intended
    smoke, drink alcohol or use any addictive substance
    bring other subjects, especially glasses and glass packages, bicycles etc.
    use hoses for sprinkling or washing
  • recommendations for visitors:
    • if you have any questions about the suitability of your footwear or equipment, we will gladly help you at the reception
    • for safety reasons, do not enter the sportsgrounds with chewing gum
    warning for customers: sports area employees can in case of violation or breach of the rules:
    end the game without compensation
    eject the visitor from the sportsground and/or area
    ban the visitor from entering the area
    visitor’s identity will be obtained in cooperation with competent authorities
    claim damages


Visitor can rent sports equipment under the following conditions.

  • Price of rent is specified in the price list.
    • Rental for common equipment is specified by the price list.
  • Renting conditions:
    • Paying the fee.
    • Providing a returnable deposit that is defined by the price list.
    • For selected equipment, providing an ID and filling in a lending sheet.
  • Rental can be increased depending on the acquisition value, e.g. brand new model etc.
  • Rented equipment has to be returned without any damage no longer than 10 minutes after the end of playing hour. If this rule is not respected, hourly fee is charged for every started hour.
  • Damaged sports equipment will result in 50% penalty fee based on the equipment’s overall price.
  • Destroyed sports equipment will result in 100% penalty fee based on the equipment’s overall price.
  • Wear caused by regular use does not count as damage.
  • All questions will be dealt with at the reception.
Sports Center Koráb alerts the customers that all identification data that were provided to SC KORÁB, s.r.o. in accordance with basic customer’s identification in order to rent a sports equipment are not collected or processed according to the Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on the Protection of Personal Data, and are not stored after the proper return of rented equipment.