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Compensation system

SC Koráb permits so called compensations of unused part of service – unit. As a unit is considered for example an hour of beach volleyball (55 minutes of play and 5 minutes of cleaning), an hour of sport with coach etc. Parts of hour (15, 45 minutes) cannot be substituted.

  • Compensation means noncash possibility to choose a substitute date to use part of unused service – unit. Compensations can be used in free hours on weekdays and weekend.
  • Cancelling of your reservation by the operator counts as compensation.
  • Bad weather or any other situations that are independent on SC Koráb’s will does not permit the visitor to claim a compensation.
  • Compensation can be claimed only if the inability to use the service is reported to SC Koráb at least 24 hours prior to your game time. In other cases, the unused service is called “late compensation” and cannot be claimed (e.g. if your game time is from 19h on Monday, you have to let us know about your inability by 19h on Sunday).
  • Compensation can be claimed or revoked by the end of prepaid season and in a same or lower price tariff. Choice of compensation in higher price tariff is only possible if the price difference is paid, calculated by valid prices of season tickets. Choice of compensation in lower price tariff does not give a claim for compensation of the price difference.
  • After the term, compensation claim expires.
  • If the prepaid service includes also payment of a coach, the compensation can be used anytime during the time period in which it was claimed, and further under the conditions above.
  • If customer demands playing on one specific court without option to change it for another, the claim expires with no compensation.
  • Public holidays are considered as playing days.
  • One-time entry

    • Is possible to book in our reservation system online or by phone or personally at the reception
    • Reservation system allows booking of game hours only 14 days prior
    • reservation cancelled more than 24 hours before booked time – no penalty
    • reservation cancelled 23:59 and less before booked time – 100% penalty

    Client can cancel online reservations anytime, however cancellation rules above apply.

    All unpaid reservations and cancellation fees (client books a sportsground but fails to appear or does not cancel his reservation in given time period) are recorded and SC Koráb, s.r.o. will demand that they be paid.

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